Why flat is back in the world of web design

Posted on August 13, 2014 by Murad

Flat Design vs. The 3D Experience

Gone are the days when web designers preferred using objects popping out of their websites or shadowy text fonts in an attempt to provide users with a simulated 3D experience. You can still find it at some modern-day delights like this one by a roofing company:

The 90's were riddled with this 3D stuff, and we suspect Microsoft Paint had a helping hand in its proliferation. It's officially known as skeuomorphic design, and focuses on faux-realistic textures, multi-dimensions, and an abundance of drop shadows.

The need to make a website accessible to all platforms has made web designers return to the basics. All smartphones and computer screens are flat. Hence, a flat but solid design with harmonious color tones, a minimalist interface, creative typography and fewer gradients make a web design fit for the modern age.

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