Who We Are

Founded in 2004, Morad Media is a digital design agency specializing in a variety of services. Whether you need brand strategy, web design, graphic design or all of the above, you can rest assured. Our team of experienced professionals will deliver innovation, business sense and lots of imagination in taking your company to the next level.


What Keeps Us Motivated.


Our Process

As a leading digital design agency, our ability to discover opportunities and implement strategy all the way to the finished product is no accident. So banging out seductive designs doesn't count as a job well done around here. It needs to meet objectives and deliver on measured results. In other words, it needs to be everything we planned it to be. 

You have many important business objectives and we are here to help you achieve them. We carefully outline, content, technology, look and feel, brand consistencies, and deliverables with our action plan that drives the design process.

We start the design process by taking our deep understanding of your customer and creating visuals that make connections, intrigue action and solves problems. Every design element is carefully created for consistency and with a purpose in mind.

In this phase, we finalize designs and complete technical development. To ensure effectiveness of our designs, we review, test, optimize and repeat. Once everyone approves, we are ready to deploy. After launch, we monitor your website closely to make sure everything is running smoothly and efficiency.

Our Studio

Our studio was designed to be refreshing, inspiring and provide a creative atmosphere for both staff and clients to collaborate on amazing projects. It breeds happiness :)  

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