5 Tips for a Company Rebrand

author Candace Bozek | July 23, 2019

Rebranding your business is an exciting and challenging project. Whatever your reasons are for rebranding, whether you’ve outgrown the design, want to change your public image, or modernize your logo; it can be an intensive process.

While rebranding might seem overwhelming at first glance, partnering with the right creative agency will help ease the workload. Before delving into a company rebrand, read through the following tips to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

  1. Create a case for rebranding
  2. Find inspiration for your new brand
  3. Conduct a brand audit
  4. Partner with a branding agency
  5. Roll out your new brand

1. Create a case for rebranding

When considering a company rebrand, you’ll first want to create a case to justify this undertaking. Outline your objectives for the rebrand; do you want to move away from an outdated company image? Recover from negative publicity? Create an entirely new brand after a merger?

Write out the ways in which your current brand is lacking and how your company could benefit from a rebrand. Questions you may want to ask yourself include:

  • Does my brand connect with my target audience?
  • Do my brand colours convey the right meaning?
  • Does my logo work for different media types? ie) print, signage, web, apparel etc.
  • Is my logo scalable? ie) does it look good at all different sizes?
  • Is my logo design original enough?

Rebranding takes commitment from your entire team. You’ll need support from each of your company’s departments to make your new brand image stick. When first considering a company rebrand, be sure to seek input from your current employees and leadership team. Your team knows your product or service the best so it is wise to incorporate their feedback into the new brand.

2. Find inspiration for your new brand


Once you have established a case for a company rebrand, it is time to find inspiration for your new design. You can check out popular creative portfolios on Behance or Dribbble or browse through social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to get ideas for your new logo design.

Get your entire team involved in this process by encouraging employees to share their ideas for the rebrand. Your team will be more excited about your new brand if they are involved in the development process.

It’s also a good idea to look at your top competitors to see how their brand stacks up in comparison. Take notes of what you like or dislike about their branding so you can incorporate those ideas into your new brand design.

3. Conduct a brand audit

The greatest challenge of a rebrand is that your current brand is deeply embedded in all of your company’s documents, signage, marketing collaterals, website, social media, office supplies and more.

Changing all of these items can take some time, however, if you utilize the expertise of a creative agency who has worked on these types of projects in the past, they can review your audit and provide the most effective route possible. If they have experience with rebranding projects, they’ll know what types of items can be phased out slowly or will need to be replaced immediately.


Country Junction Feeds branding package designed by Morad Media

Before embarking on your company rebrand, you’ll want to take an audit so you can better estimate the time and cost it will take to change them. Create a spreadsheet of all of the different items that will need rebranding so you can develop a plan for phasing out your old brand for your new one.

To start your brand audit, read through our rebranding checklist to see which items you may need to replace.

Brand Audit Checklist:

checkbox-small.png Building signage
checkbox-small.png Office signage
checkbox-small.png Event signage
checkbox-small.png Website
checkbox-small.png Business cards
checkbox-small.png Letterheads
checkbox-small.png Envelopes
checkbox-small.png Office supplies (pens, notebooks, water bottles etc.)
checkbox-small.png Social media
checkbox-small.png Digital advertisements
checkbox-small.png Print advertisements
checkbox-small.png Billboards
checkbox-small.png Presentation templates
checkbox-small.png Tradeshow booth
checkbox-small.png Pull-up banners
checkbox-small.png Apparel (hats, t-shirts, hoodies, lanyards, etc.)
checkbox-small.png Blog

4. Partner with a branding agency

The next step is to partner with a branding agency to redesign your company’s brand. You can start by looking at local agencies and reading reviews online. Be sure to check their online portfolio to see other logos they have designed in the past. It is a good idea to also get designs for your audited materials such as stationery and signage.


Logo redesigns by Morad Media

Morad Media is a creative agency that has helped over 500 businesses in all industries start, grow, and build their branding. We have an extensive design portfolio and proudly display our reviews on Google and Facebook. When you partner with an experienced agency like Morad Media, we will work with you to develop a rebranding strategy, design a few logo variations for you to choose from, and design marketing materials to showcase your new logo. We offer brand packages for everything from naming, logo design, business cards, stationery to signage and can accommodate different budget levels depending on the scope of your project.

5. Roll out your new brand

There are several ways in which you can roll out your new brand. You can launch your new brand in stages or all at once. The main benefit of rolling it out in stages is that you can spread the cost out over time. However, in the meantime, some of your marketing materials and signage may be outdated with the old brand.

Rolling out your new brand all at once will maximize the impact of your new brand image, but it will have a larger upfront cost. This strategy typically takes longer to launch because you will need to prepare all of your branded materials in advance. You’ll need to have all of your signage, marketing materials, website, business cards, stationery, and apparel ready before the launch.

Before announcing your new brand to the public, you’ll want to communicate it to your employees and create a new set of brand guidelines. This will ensure that your staff will use the new logo and branding appropriately in future and help rally support for the brand launch.

Popup banners designed by Morad Media

Pop-up banners and logo designs by Morad Media

The last step of rebranding your company is to release your new brand to the public. Many organizations will host a launch party to celebrate the new brand and give out swag to help create excitement for the rebrand. However, simply phasing it in with an email newsletter to your clients and updating your website could do the trick.

The Gist

Rebranding your company doesn’t have to be a painful process. Partnering with an experienced branding agency will help ensure a smooth transition to your new brand. By setting objectives, researching branding ideas, auditing your brand, and developing a brand strategy, you’ll be able to pull off an effective launch for your company rebrand.

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